Hot melt pressure sensitive adhesives for end of line labelling.


Beardow Adams manufactures an unrivalled portfolio of high quality
adhesives for pick-up, overlap, vertical, roll through and tampe
evident labeling applications. Trusted by leading producers of bottle, can and jar packed products around the world, these hot melts are
proven in the most difficult applications.

Our BAMFutura labeling adhesives provide exceptional adhesion and are ideal for labelling chilled and ambient products. Combining high molten tack with long open time, they also perform perfectly with wet glass and PET cold filled bottles. In addition, PET bottles that expand after being filled with carbonated drinks can be labelled with confidence. Here, our adhesives either slip to accommodate expansion whilst securely adhering the label or they allow the label to stretch (OPP labels) to avoid unsightly sticky glue lines. We also manufacture adhesives for shrinkable plastic bottles that allow labels to be safely heat shrunk after application.

Our hot melt adhesive formulations for labelling are suitable for wet and cold bottles on both reel and magazine fed systems, or hot and dry cans and jars to 85°C. These can typically contain preserves, vegetables, fruit, pet foods and other products that are cooked or sterilised in their containers prior to labelling. Spray application adhesives meanwhile allow labels to be applied to over 1,000 containers per minute, whilst keeping machines clean and free from stringing and overspray. This is in addition to the consumption savings and other benefits provided.

With the environment in mind, our alkali dispersible adhesives can be quickly removed to support bottle recycling and refilling. In addition, hot melts can be supplied in our revolutionary EcoBlock™ format to eliminate on site unwrapping and waste.

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